2 min readDec 16, 2022

Transpay is a cryptocurrency payment service based on patented technology that includes payment methods and systems for prepaid cryptocurrency cards, and provides a platform for users to charge cryptocurrency with prepaid cards and use funds at resorts and hotels.

Opersation Structure

  1. Register coins that can be easily purchased overseas on Transpay
  2. 2. Web-based access to Transpay is easy
  3. Transpay URL for domestic foreign inbound companies or foreign response employees is provided / Moving working is possible
  4. Transpay can be redeemed to KRW when customers want the coin charged amount
  5. At the resort, you can charge the Pinplnet prepaid card with the corresponding amount of points (only resorts for foreigners are available)
  6. The customer repurchases the virtual asset to KRW using Transpay, charges the relevant amount to the Pinplnet foreign-only affiliate Pinplnet prepaid card, and the merchant settlement is settled by the wallet operator to the representative franchise, and the redemption fee is paid to Pinplnet as a service fee