IBP ‘ Transpay’ system Launching

On July 1st, 2021, IBP announced the launch of Transpay, accomplishing one of the project’s goals outlined in its roadmap.

  • Transpay is a cryptocurrency payment service based on patented technology involving the payment methods and system of prepaid cryptocurrency cards.
  • Transpay provides a platform where users can charge cryptocurrency on a prepaid card and use funds in resorts, hotels, and other locations.
  • The service is currently only available for non-Korean citizens and it will be available for Korean citizens eventually.
  • Paradise Resort’s partial gift card and Landing Jeju Shinhwa World Hotel plan to use the Transpay system.

Announcement : https://xangle.io/project/IBP/recent-disclosure/60dbf5697550a8bf5c007389

● IBP Webpage : https://ibp.world
● IBP Blog(KR): https://blog.naver.com/ibpworld
● IBP Twitter : https://twitter.com/ibpworld
● IBP Kakaotalk(KR): https://open.kakao.com/o/gYVmqlcc
● IBP Telegram(EN, ing..) : https://t.me/ibp_refresh
● IBP Coinmarketcap :
● IBP Coingecko :



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